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Rental inventory is easy with EquipCalendar views

Wide Selection" by Emilio Labrador is licensed under CC BY 2.0

You know your rental inventory in and out, right?  You know you have a bunch of these and a bunch of those, right?  You know if you have red and/or white and/or blue ones, right?  Well, maybe rental inventory isn't so simple after all.  It gets easier with EquipCalendar.

Enter your inventory item name, your maximum inventory level and that's all you need to start scheduling your rentals.  Once you get a few events into the system, behold the calendar views!  There is one for tasks and one for inventory levels.  Each of those can be viewed and scrolled by the day, week or month, but let's focus on the inventory view.

The inventory calendar shows your entire inventory totals for quoted, confirmed, max available and remaning available.  Drill down to the day level and you'll see hour by hour how much of your inventory is rented or available. How is that for knowing your inventory in and out?

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