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Using Pinterest To Showcase Your Rental Inventory

If you aren’t already on Pinterest, then you don’t know what you are missing out on. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites and what makes it so useful for rental businesses is that Pinterest users are spending money on the products they find on the site.

So what are the basics you need for getting the most out of Pinterest?

Don’t get ahead of yourself. 

Before you start your Pinterest page, you need your website to be ready to go. If your pins don’t lead back to somewhere then they aren’t going to be useful for your business. Of course, you’ll want to have inventory pages but don’t underestimate the power of blog posts when your preparing to launch your Pinterest. Make sure there are pinnable images on every page of your website, not just your inventory pages.

Create your business account.

Don’t make the mistake of making a personal page when you need a business page. Business pages provide you with a lot of tools you’ll need to make the most out of your Pinterest account including analytics, the ability to add the “Pin It” button to images on your website, and the ability to create Rich Pins which allow a lot more control over the information a pin provides. Its worth spending a day reading through the guides on the Pinterest for Business site to make sure you are making full use of what Pinterest offers you. 

Use the right pictures of your inventory.

Pinterest is a completely visual medium which means if you aren’t using fantastic pictures you aren’t going to drive any business to your site. To get the most bang for your buck, you want pins to be about 600px wide. Whatever you do, make sure your pin isn’t pixelated or grainy looking when it goes on to your board. It also doesn’t hurt to brand your pins at this point. Add a logo or some text on to your image to make sure your customers know what the pin is about.

Get creative with your boards.

Don’t just show people your inventory, create boards showing how your inventory can be used. Maybe show a board of complimentary local vendors you work with often, like locations that can be rented for weddings, et cetera. You should have a board for “Tips” that compliment whatever business you vend—something to make people click on your links in the first place. People really love weddings and DIY boards, so, if you can find a way to incorporate those, do so. 

Remember, Pinterest is there to help your business tell a story. Don’t post everything all in one day, but, as you find content to express who you are as a rental business, let the content speak for you and enjoy the results!
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