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How to Use Twitter to Showcase Your Equipment for Hire

When you work in the rental industry, it’s important to show off the products you have available for hire. Customers want to see what they will get for their money, and why you are the best company for them. Whether you’re offering baby equipment, table/chair linen or even party hire, you can use Twitter to showcase your equipment for hire. Here are three effective tips to help.

Add Photos Regularly

Twitter allows photos, and many people benefit greatly from using them. The tweets with photos stand out in other people’s newsfeeds because there is less to read. These posts also show up on the left side of the screen in a profile, attracting attention to them. Show off your rental inventory in separate photos, adding them regularly to your stream to let people know just what you have.

Have Videos of Equipment in Use

Not everyone will realize they need to hire your equipment. The best way of showing them they need it is by showing them how to use it. Like photos, videos stand out on the social media site, making it a great use for equipment rental companies. Have videos of customers using your equipment or how-to videos to show how they’re used.

Show Previews of Upcoming Equipment

The rental industry is constantly changing, and you are likely adding new equipment to your rental inventory. Why not show previews of the equipment you have coming. If you have new linens for chair covers, you can show off some of them. If you have new party hire, include a few sneak peeks before the full reveal. This type of thing gets people interested and excited about the new equipment. They’re more likely to keep an eye on your Twitter stream and your business for when the equipment is fully available.

Twitter is an extremely powerful tool for business. When it comes to equipment rental, you can use it to showcase everything you have. The three tips above will get you started on ideas to get potential customers excited.