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The basics of an equipment rental agreement - Part 3 - Location of Equipment

Working out the details of your equipment rental agreement is a lot of work.  We at EquipCalendar understand and hopefully we can help with our series of blog posts about the basics of an equipment rental agreement.  Today's post focuses on location.  Here are some suggestions:

It's incredibly important that you spell out each and every location the Renter plans to utilize the equipment you are renting out.  If another business, or business owner, is renting the equipment, be sure that you know any, and all, sites that the equipment might be used at.  This could also aid in the recovery of your equipment, should the Renter fail to return it in a timely manner.

After spelling out the location, state clearly that the equipment cannot be used AND located at only that location, unless expressly agreed otherwise, in writing, by the Owner of the equipment.  Make sure the Renter warrants and agrees that Equipment will not be moved to another address, without the written notice and agreement by the Owner.

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